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JackWagon Woodworking

Laser Engraving Air Assist (Mira 5,7 & 9)

Laser Engraving Air Assist (Mira 5,7 & 9)

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Tired of masking wood and acrylic to achieve a clean engrave? Look no further then! JackWagon Woodworking designed a engraving air assist to work with the Mira 5,7 & 9 laser. With dialed in settings this will greatly reduce or even eliminate the white and brown residue leftover from engraving. Start saving time and money today and order yours now!
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Questions we get asked all the time.

Where are JackWagon products made?

All our handmade products are made in the USA in Lincoln, CA with locally sourced hardwood.

What finish does JackWagon use?

We use all natural food safe tung oil on all our cutting boards, serving and charcuterie boards.

How long does it take JackWagon to make their products?

Typically it takes 3-5 business days to process an order depending on how busy we are.